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Broke-Ass: The Playlist

We break the narrative momentarily to answer a question that a great many of you lovelies have posed to Broke-Ass over the years: “What’s on your iPod?” The first answer is: Broke-Ass does not own an iPod because she is … Continue reading

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Broke-Ass and Big Daddy: No One Here Gets Out Alive

A gorgeous number of you lovelies have written–both in these pages, as well as via private email–expressing concern about the state of Broke-Ass’s and Big Daddy’s union. To be frank, Broke-Ass laughed giddily that: a) you beautiful-hearted creatures were worried … Continue reading

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Philly Report #2: What Happened Next and Mark Zuckerberg

Told you, babydolls. Broke-Ass promised to return forthwith and–oh, look at the time! It’s forthwith. Back to Broke-Ass and her reentry to Philly. So, on a drizzly, fuscous morning in late February, the morning after she had first opened the gates … Continue reading

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B.A.G. Writes Another WSJ Piece, Under the Guise of Susan Gregory Thomas

Read it and don’t be a hater (please :): Are Dads the New Moms? Though losing ground as husbands and providers, men are finding a new role—as rock-solid fathers

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Philly Report, #1: Broke-Ass Finally Crawls Out from Boxes to Give You a Big, Fat Kiss

Baby. Dolls. Babydolls, babydolls, babydolls. There are just no excuses for the way Broke-Ass has behaved. What has it been–three solid months, and nary a freaking peep? More? Probably more. Broke-Ass is such a rotten friend and such a damnable asshole, she … Continue reading

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