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A Broke-Ass Christmas Miracle: The Story of Masha the Great

In previous years, Broke-Ass would go flat-out apeshit during the Christmas season. All that STUFF. So pretty. Broke-Ass wanted all of it. Often, her desires came damn close to manifest destiny. These days, however, “manifest destiny” has a different ring … Continue reading

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Broke-Ass on Holiday Gift-Giving: Santa Claus is Not a Catalog (But Your Grandparents Could Be)

So, as the holiday season descends, on the one hand, like an anvil on her head–and, on the other, like a sweet, sparkly spirit–Broke-Ass Grouch finds herself, likewise, riven. Here’s the thing: Broke-Ass loves Christmas. In spite of all her … Continue reading

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Broke-Ass is not her usual toilet-mouthed, rage-against-the-machine self today. Today, actually, she is really rather blue. It is not a good kind of raining today. There is the good kind of raining in which you feel warm and swaddled inside … Continue reading

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