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Fixing Broke-Ass: The Amazing Dr. Li

Dr. Gan Li’s office is at 265 Canal Street, between Lafayette and Broadway. Its grubby entryway is invariably blocked by vocal sellers of pashmina scarves, watches, and infant onesies emblazoned with the world’s most appalling slogans (“Give Me My Bottle, … Continue reading

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Look! Broke-Ass is on TV with a Famous Movie Director Talking About Evil!

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How Much All That Cost: The Price of Being Broke-Ass

So, there was Broke-Ass, in the E.R. for the second time that week, effusing uncontrollably out of every conceivable orifice and making the kind of personal mess one associates with the general populace of 14th Century Europe. Luckily, health care … Continue reading

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Blood, Sweat, Tears (Also, Puke and Crap): How Being Broke-Ass Makes You Sick (Also, Even More Grievously Broke-Ass Than Ever)

Babydolls: all apologies. Broke-Ass has been sicker than a goddamn dog. In fact, rawther much sicker. Come to think of it, the sickest Broke-Ass has ever seen her dog is after he sneaked up on the table and ate some … Continue reading

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